We believe that each home should be unique. We are not a cookie cutter developer with standard designs. Each of our homes is different than the next because each takes into consideration the specific goals of the project and the surrounding environment. This fundamental philosophy defines our real estate approach. 

Our typical project involves the restoration of an urban home with many separate and defined rooms. This is both an inefficient use of space and impractical for the modern home buyer. Our first course of action is to open up the main floor living space. We knock down walls and rebuild structures to create true open concept living. This essentially creates a blank canvas where the key design decision is the placement of the kitchen and how it interacts with the living and dining spaces.  

The kitchen is the core of the main floor living area. We strive to create a space that is both functional and stunning. We want the kitchen to be the heart of your home - a space that family and friends gravitate to; a space that defines the home and sets the tone for the look and feel of the house.  

The bedroom and bathroom spaces should continue the design aesthetics, but we like to add more drama to the private areas of the home. They are designed to be retreats for the homeowners; a place to unwind and relax.    




The goal for each of our projects is to transform single family and multi-family residences into vibrant new homes that add character and value to the neighborhood. Key design components include chef's kitchens with high-end appliances, open plan living spaces for the modern family, indulgent master bedroom and bathroom suites, and facades that maintain and build on the architectural charm of our great city.   ‚Äč

The interaction between our design and construction teams defines our approach to building. Unlike other builders, we perform both services in house. Design and construction interact continuously throughout the project. This has several advantages.  It reduces the duration of our projects and enables cost effective project solutions that are influenced by both design and construction viewpoints.It also ensures that the design vision is maintained from drafting board to real life execution, which results in a superior finished project.  

Our construction teams are efficiently managed to minimize the overall construction duration. Our construction management, engineering, and architectural experience allows us to efficiently navigate the complex building process in Washington DC to hit the ground running and mitigate potential delays. 

Our ability to effectively manage the construction process allows us to focus on delivering the highest quality product. We use distinctive cabinetry and modern counter tops in our kitchens, the finest name brand appliances, high end fixtures, and unique architectural features to differentiate our homes.